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Robotic Breaker Uses

What is the breakdown?

The sediment breaker is an electromagnetic device that is completely intelligent to avoid sedimentation and elimination of sediments without the need for electricity and fblater, which has four types: home, industrial, agriculture and heavy machinery.
ATB (Special Stocks) is the first manufacturer of various types of depleting devices in Iran, which has a sales representative throughout our beloved country.

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Communication with the company

Sales Officer: +9809129310152 Engineer Rasuli Azar
Legal Assistant :+9809188756097
Fax number : +9802166533078
Factory number : +98574222959-031
Responsible for contracts : +9809188756097 Mr. Rasuli Azar
Affairs (factory management) : +9809139711845 Mr. Tayana

chopani  : +9809127124587

Features of the depletion machine ATB

  • Holder of a patent certificate

  • The only producer of water deposition in Iran
  • Five years warranty

  • Thirty years of useful life

Pictures of the factory

Our honors Save

Considering the goals of the Islamic Republic of Iran regarding the power of the economy and in accordance with the orders of the Supreme Leader of the Revolution in Resistance Economics, Amir Development Bandar Company is conducting research into the construction of machines that have been using water resources in recent years. The drink and the industry succeeded in registering a “sludge” machine and then licensing it by the Ministry of Industry for its production plant. During the operation, the production of extensive activities related to the scientific and health documents of this product is made up as follows :::…

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